Video: The Pandemic Crisis Management Model

A crisis such as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spans three distinct time frames. Organizations should be prepared to focus their decision making appropriately for each of these distinct phases.

Aon’s Pandemic Crisis Management Model reflects the changing demands confronting organizations as the crisis progresses. For businesses with operations or facilities in various locations — or even countries — these different stages of the crisis might occur at different times.

  • The first time frame, the React and Respond stage, focuses on immediate needs, analyzing the crisis and determining how to best protect the business and its people.
  • In the second time frame, Recover, organizations turn their attention to reopening and stabilizing their operations, including bringing employees back to the workplace and making any changes that might be needed to the way business is conducted.
  • Finally, in the Reshape stage, the organization recasts itself for the post-pandemic environment. This will involve determining how COVID-19 might have changed the business and the marketplace, and adjusting strategy and goals appropriately.

Organizations that are nimble and flexible in their decision making, communications and planning for the different stages of the pandemic will be those best positioned for success in addressing the future.