Q&A with Aon's John Bruno: Gaining Competitive Advantage By Embracing Enterprise Analytics

John Bruno
John G. Bruno serves as chief operations officer for Aon plc and chief executive officer of Aon’s Data & Analytic Services. He joined Aon in September 2014 as executive vice president of Enterprise Innovation and chief information officer. Throughout his 25-year career in the technology industry, he has held senior leadership positions with increasing responsibilities with Fortune 500 companies including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Cisco Systems. Bruno currently serves on the Board of Directors for Global Payments (NYSE: GPN).

Billions of devices are already connected to the internet, and that number will increase at breakneck speed. As the internet of things continues to grow, and more data is generated from sensors through to personal smart devices, connecting the right systems and using the same language across a company so that it can best extract insights that come from this data will continue to be a priority.

John Bruno, Chief Executive Officer, Data & Analytic Services, Aon, shares his perspective on the competitive advantage that comes from data-driven insights. 


Where is predictive modeling and AI heading?

Predictive modeling has already shown us how data can help drive smarter decisions. Coupled with artificial intelligence, the possibilities to move to more real-time decision making are upon us. For the companies that do it well, the data itself and the insights derived from it, will drive competitive advantage. To truly gain that advantage, though, organizations should view the opportunity holistically.

How are best-in-class companies organizing and acting on data?

Having a firm-wide handle on the data various functional groups have and how that data can answer bigger-picture questions can help create scalable and reusable solutions. Using a common set of analytical tools and language throughout the enterprise, will be critical in extracting the right insights at the right time to enable strategic growth. Organizations, ours included, are continuing to invest in platforms that enable real-time decision making. Having unique insights – including how to best deploy financial and human capital – allows leaders to anticipate and capitalize on market opportunities. Using data wisely can drive competitive advantages and will likely see clients, investors and even ratings agencies reward these efforts over time.