In the new special report, Helping Organizations Chart a Course to The New Better, Aon reveals exclusive research on the issues rising from the COVID-19 crisis and methods of re-introducing fundamental aspects of society and the economy: working, traveling and convening.

As part of this new report, leading global businesses and innovative thinkers reveal their strategies and action plans as they make their way to a New Better.

Here’s JLL’s story.

A global presence in real estate services, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) has produced a multifaceted response to the pandemic. With its many stakeholders around the world – from investors to clients and employees – it was critical that all areas of the business came together.

The company quickly assembled a steering committee with business leads from all functions. JLL forged new ties with other companies*, with active participation in peer-to-peer calls to share information, experiences, and partners across industries.

“These communications have gone extremely well,” says JLL’s Meredith O’Connor, International Director, Co-Chairman, Headquarters Practice Group. “Even competitors have identified great synergies and truly helped each other.”

Partnering with governments to combat the pandemic’s people impact

As hospitals struggled with capacity in the early phases of the pandemic, JLL partnered with the mayor of the City of Chicago and Governor of Illinois to convert McCormick Place, the largest convention center in North America, to an alternative care facility.

Teams across various functional areas at JLL were quickly deployed to help with this large-scale conversion intended to prepare the U.S.’s third-largest city to effectively manage hospital overflow.

Pre-pandemic tech investments crucial to post-pandemic safety

Investing in technology has always been important for JLL, helping the organization innovate in the real estate industry. During the pandemic, those investments have created new value, and are an important part of returning colleagues and clients to the office safely. From reservation systems to a new app that helps people find an appropriate workspace, JJL is making sure communication and information is streamlined and tech-forward.

The company is incorporating more technology into the actual physical space to help keep people safe now and into the future.

Communication critical to culture and engagement

One of the keys to the JLL approach has been clear and consistent communication.

“We have so many offices and leaders in each place, and we wanted tools, information, and direction to be available to everyone,” says O’Connor. “So we worked closely with leaders to make sure they were equipped with the right messaging from the organization. That’s how we can retain our culture and our people.”

Communication, coupled with technology, has helped the organization stay flexible, respectful and safe, says O’Connor. “We have an understanding that people work well in different ways, and we’re enabling that.”

*Referencing participation in the broad coalition convened and led by Aon around Work, Travel and Convene efforts across leading businesses


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