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About The One Brief

The One Brief is a guide to the issues that business decision makers need to know about. Developed by Aon, the world’s leading provider of risk management, insurance brokerage and human resources solutions, it focuses on decoding our increasingly interconnected world – giving you the essential insights you need to make its complexities more understandable.

Today’s world is rich with information. As the planet has globalized and the Internet has sped up the speed with which information travels, working out what deserves your attention, and what can be safely ignored, has become almost impossible without a team of expert advisors at your beck and call to alert you to the key issues you need to be aware of.

The One Brief is here to help you focus on what’s important, and to help you better adapt to this rapidly changing, interconnected world.

How The One Brief works

With analysis and guidance from expert sources from Aon and elsewhere, The One Brief will pick out key topics that anyone operating in the world of business needs to know about, focused around three broad yet related categories that, between them, cover pretty much everything that affects how the world interconnects:

  • Capital & Economics: The wide, macroeconomic view of the world, focusing on the interconnectivity of the global commercial system, and how globalization can impact businesses of all sizes.
  • People & Organizations: Issues relating to people’s lives and futures, both in and outside of the workplace, with an emphasis on how to maximize the benefits of changes to individuals, teams, businesses and communities.
  • Risk & Innovation: Emerging trends, new technologies, and potential threats that could impact your business, the global economy and society-at-large, with an emphasis on how to prepare for possible changes.

If you’d like to find out more on any of the topics covered on The One Brief, or to get guidance on how to develop an approach that will work for you, contact us.